Here at FSOD, we have the unique opportunity of being presented with many different speakers, authors, pastors, evangelists, and more.



Controversial Muslim evangelist, responsible for the 7 year process of relational conversions of the late Nabeel Quereshi. Has been connected to more Muslim conversations than any 50 evangelists of the gospel. He earned his Ph.D. at Fordham University in the field of philosophy.


Dr. Licona has debated the world's most credentialed and popular New Testament skeptics, not the least of which is UNC's Dr. Bart Ehrman. His doctoral work on the historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus is lauded even by academic agnostics as one of the finest defenses ever! His current work on gospel differences (synoptic problem) is not only published by Oxford University Press (OUP) but is also hailed by non-believers as an extraordinary exploration and comparison of ancient biographies. He earned his Ph.D. in New Testament History at Pretoria. 


Dr. Habermas is said to be the world expert on resurrection as well as Near Death Experiences. His tireless academic work in defense of the resurrection of Jesus is simply unmatched. Dr. Habermas also happens to be one of the main scholars who was connected to the startling conversion of arguably the 20th century's brightest skeptic - former atheist Dr. Antony Flew. He earned his Ph.D. at Michigan State in the field of New Testament History. 


Dr. Craig Keener is considered one of the finest scholars living in all of the Christian world. His expertise on the Holy Spirit and the New Testament is evident and formidable. His voluminous work in defense of the reliability and clarity of the New Testament is superior in number and kind to his pious rivals. He is considered to be the current world expert on miracles and one of the greatest living expositors and pneumatologists. He earned his Ph.D. at Duke University in New Testament Studies. 


Michael McNamee has served as President and Founder of Convoy of Hope Europe, serving in over fifty European countries, reaching out to thousands of refugees fleeing war and political persecution.Having been raised during "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, Michael understands the fear, pain and instability of an ethno-political conflict. He speaks with humor and passion, revealing how his audince can make a significant difference in the lives of people looking for hope.


Former lead pastor of Belmont church in Nashville TN. (on Music Row). He has since become a successful author and public speaker. A specialist in church history and seasoned expositor, speaker, preacher and author, Stephen Mansfield is a powerful, effective and humble leader who embodies proper Christian leadership. (masters degree)


Joel C. Rosenberg is a New York Times bestselling author of both fiction and non-fiction books, and has been interviewed on countless TV and radio broadcasts, such as ABC, CNN, Fox, MSN, and more. He is also the founder of The Joshua Fund, a non-profit organization that seeks to bring an awareness of God’s command to “bless Israel and her neighbors” (Gen 12:1-3) by distributing educational materials and fulfilling other needs in the country.


Tim Enloe, a graduate of Central Bible College and an ordained Assemblies of God minister, is active in full-time traveling ministry with his wife, Rochelle. They specialize in teaching about the importance and power of the Holy Spirit, and how to make it accessible to every believer. He has authored several books and frequently holds conferences across the country.


Steven and Allison VanLoozenoord actively serve at First Assembly’s ministry here in Fort Myers. Steven has a bachelor’s degree in classical music, and serves as the Associate Minister of Music. Allison has a bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies, and serves as the Florida School of Discipleship’s academic and mission’s coordinator. They are passionate and excellent in everything they do, and are invaluable assets to First Assembly’s worship department, as well as the Florida School of Discipleship.

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