Student Experience


How do I apply?

Easy! The quickest way to apply is online at If you like to get mail, we would be happy to mail an application to you. Please e-mail, call, or write us (we like to get mail, too).

Can I come visit?

Yes! You are welcome to visit us anytime. We can give you a tour, introduce you to our students, and you can join us in our daily schedule. The best time to visit is during Glimpse -two days in the spring when students from all over the country come to experience FSOD life. Please check our website for Glimpse details! But if you can’t make it to Glimpse, you are welcome to come see us anytime that works for you.

Where do students live?

Students live in apartments on the campus of Florida School of Discipleship, thanks to the faithful support of First Assembly of God’s congregation. Apartment life is convenient and fun, and we believe we have some of the best housing of any program in the country. Four to six students share a furnished apartment, all with a kitchen, bathroom and living area.

How much does Florida School of Discipleship cost?

$8900, which is much lower than most traditional Bible colleges, and students get much more hands-on training for life after FSOD.

What is included in the cost of tuition?

Your tuition covers your coursework, textbooks, housing, meals, retreats, stateside travel, campus life activities, and student accessories. If you choose to go on an optional missions trip or on optional trip(s) to Starbucks, you will have to pay for those on your own.

Is there financial aid?

FSOD is not qualified to accept Federal Aid because we are not classified as a Title IV school. Many students raise some of their tuition money by writing letters to get support from family, friends, their church and local businesses.

Will I be able to have a job?

FSOD works with some local businesses and non-profit organizations to provide limited employment opportunities for students who qualify.

Will I need a vehicle?

Since our housing is on campus, a vehicle is not required – but you can bring a car if you’d like, as many students do have cars on campus. Automobile insurance and a valid driver’s license are both required if you do decide to bring a vehicle.

When does school start and finish?

Orientation starts in August and graduation is in May.

How long does the application process take?

Once we have received all your application items, we will conduct two interviews. You should be notified within two weeks of your acceptance status.

When are holiday breaks?

FSOD students are not permitted to leave the program except for designated holiday vacation times. Students will have additional days off on nationally recognized holidays. Students will be notified of the dates for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks upon acceptance. Leaving early or returning late from breaks is not permitted.

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