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We pray that these resources will help start a transformation in your life. Learn to defend your faith, and praise God with your heart and mind. 

Dr. Joe Mulvihill

Dr. Joe Mulvihill has studied under some of the best apologist in the world. (William Lane Craig)

Learning Apologetics

Knowledge of Apologetics is so essential in the times we live in. We are constantly combated by the ideologies of the world, and told that we are dumb for believing in God. Apologetics teaches us how to effectively and efficiently defend our beliefs with facts and sources that have withstood the test of time and scrutiny.  

Reasons why the Bible is true.

Join us as we explore 10 reasons, even though there are hundreds, of why we should trust the Bible as the authoritative word of God. The Bible has a conspicuous SUPERNATURAL QUALITY that separates it from other books. Dr. Joe starts with the this, the Bible contains numerous detailed prophecies that can be checked for accuracy.

How to be successful in this culture. 

FSOD is committed to reaching and engaging culture, by preparing young men and women to be strong lights in this dark sinful world. It is always encouraging to hear that FSOD pushes its students to be the best that they can be going above and beyond even what culture says is important.

Is Missions Ethical? 

Missions is the heartbeat of First Assembly of God, FSOD's home church. The church supports over 500 active missionaries. The church has raised millions to reach those who have never heard the name of Jesus, and the lost and the dying. With First Assembly of God’s annual Missions Convention happening this month we asked our Dean of Academics and Apologist, Dr. Joe Mulvihill, to address some of the misconceptions about Missions and supporting Missions efforts.