Florida School of Discipleship (FSOD) exists to establish strong foundations in the lives of young men and women to actively influence others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

High school graduates are eligible to attend the program located on the beautiful southwest coast of Florida in Ft. Myers. Upon completion of the program students will be eligible for ministry and missionary credentialing and licensing.

FSOD seeks students both committed to and desiring to be challenged and provoked by the Holy Spirit --- in other words, students serious about their relationship with God and willing to do the hard work of developing a strong Christian character.  At FSOD students will be inspired to pursue Christ in the fullness of His Word and determine His call upon their lives. 




Aggressive Discipleship helps create an atmosphere that encourages vulnerability and relational depth. Students are pointed toward developing a strong Christian character and learning how to apply biblical principles to all areas of their lives, which molds them into confident servants of Jesus Christ. 

At FSOD, every student gets countless opportunities to serve and to be trained in multiple areas of ministry. Through outreach and involvement in many ministries, students learn what real ministry involves.

In two years students are eligible for ministry and/or missionary credentials and licensing.  FSOD has an extensive network to connect graduating students with real-time ministry and missionary opportunities.  In addition, students learn from PhD and Master’s level scholars in the fields of apologetics, Christian ethics, and leadership development.


Ministry and Missions


All students will take coursework which upon successful completion qualifies them for certified and licensed Minister and/or Missionary status.


Other academic options


FSOD offers other academic options for students who have started their college-level coursework at other institutions and want to continue, or have a desire to work towards a bachelors degree. Contact the Dean of Academics for more information.


Christian Theology and Character Development


In addition, students take courses in Apologetics, Christian Ethics, and Leadership and Christian character development.


All academic coursework is taught by PhD and Master's level scholars.


For more information, contact our Dean of Academics at 239.936.6277 x 239


At FSOD, in addition to formal academic training in ministry and missions work, you have the opportunity to get hands-on-training in several areas:

Music Ministry

Worship leading


Worship band



Foreign and stateside missions trips

Classroom training with International Missionaries

Exposure to missionaries through one of the largest missions-giving churches in the AG


Outreach and Community Service

Inner-City ministry

Neighborhood outreaches

Elderly care/Assisted Living/Nursing Home ministry

Community service projects


Children's Ministry

Children’s ministry practicum

Children's Chapel

Christian School ministry

Youth Ministry

Senior and Junior High ministry

Small group leadership

Youth conventions

National Fine Arts

College Ministry

College campus ministry and evangelism


Technical and Media

Technical training

Media and video production

Graphic design

Technical sound training



Church service partnerships

Intercessory prayer

 ... and much more

At FSOD we strive to show students how to pursue life-changing intimacy in their relationship with the Lord so that they can follow His call for their life. Here are some of the ways we do that:


For every Christian a consistent prayer and devotional life are vital, so we start every day with time set aside for these disciplines. In the first few months, we teach our students many different techniques that they can use in their devotional lives to grow closer to the Lord. We encourage them to find out what works for them and to continue pursing a consistency and a depth in their relationship with God.



“Iron Sharpens Iron” groups (Proverbs 27:17), or ISI, are small accountability groups that are at the core of aggressive discipleship. These same gender small groups provide an atmosphere where students are challenged through trust, vulnerability, open discussion, and encouragement to go after all that God has for them.


Discipleship Class

Men's and Women's Discipleship are weekly, gender-specific discipleship classes that discuss topics relevant to each gender. These classes dig deep into the core of who we are as men and women, and challenge our students to become more godly in every area of their lives.



Once a week we all gather together for a chapel service. This is the highlight of each week with worship, prayer and fellowship, and a message brought by one of our Pastors, or senior ministry students.




FSOD strives to provide affordable tuition while providing a top-rate, high quality experience.


Our tuition is $8900, which is much lower than most traditional Bible colleges, with more hands-on training for life after FSOD.

Tuition covers a student's coursework, textbooks, housing, meals, retreats, stateside travel, campus life activities, and student accessories. Optional missions trips are not included in the cost of tuition.

Financial Assistance:

FSOD is not qualified to accept financial aid because we are not classified as an eligible institution by the Federal government.

Important to remember:

- An additional $100 apartment security deposit is due at orientation and will be refunded following graduation if the apartment has no damage, a student does not have an outstanding balance, and all FSOD property is returned. - It is recommended that a student have approximately $50/month for personal spending. - Missions trips are optional and are not included in the cost of tuition. - The $500 deposit is non-refundable – no exceptions.



Florida School of Discipleship (FSOD) has exceptional campus housing, thanks to the generous support of the First Assembly of God congregation.


Students live in a campus apartment complex, and the majority of the apartments are designated for FSOD.


We do share with a few members of the church, along with interns with other ministries. This creates a safe environment where everyone knows their neighbors!


FSOD is also blessed with great facilities where our students spend the majority of their time during the school year. this includes Legacy Hall, the Study Center, the Student Commons, the Study Gardens, and the FSOD offices – also known as “The Plex".



Is there financial aid?

FSOD is not qualified to accept Federal Aid because we are not classified as a Title IV school. Many students raise some of their tuition money by writing letters to get support from family, friends, their church and local businesses.

Will I be able to have a job?

FSOD works with some local businesses and non-profit organizations to provide limited employment opportunities for students who qualify.

Will I need a vehicle?

Since our housing is on campus, a vehicle is not required – but you can bring a car if you’d like, as many students do have cars on campus. Automobile insurance and a valid driver’s license are both required if you do decide to bring a vehicle.

When does school start and finish?

Orientation starts in August and graduation is in May.

How long does the application process take?

Once we have received all your application items, we will conduct two interviews. You should be notified within two weeks of your acceptance status.


When are holiday breaks?

FSOD students are not permitted to leave the program except for designated holiday vacation times. Students will have additional days off on nationally recognized holidays. Students will be notified of the dates for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks upon acceptance. Leaving early or returning late from breaks is not permitted.

How do I apply?

Easy! The quickest way to apply is online at fsod.com. If you like to get mail, we would be happy to mail an application to you. Please e-mail, call, or write us (we like to get mail, too).

Can I come visit?

Yes! You are welcome to visit us anytime. We can give you a tour, introduce you to our students, and you can join us in our daily schedule. The best time to visit is during Glimpse -two days in the spring when students from all over the country come to experience FSOD life. Please check our website for Glimpse details! But if you can’t make it to Glimpse, you are welcome to come see us anytime that works for you.

Where do students live?

Students live in apartments on the campus of Florida School of Discipleship, thanks to the faithful support of First Assembly of God’s congregation. Apartment life is convenient and fun, and we believe we have some of the best housing of any program in the country. Four to six students share a furnished apartment, all with a kitchen, bathroom and living area.

How much does Florida School of Discipleship cost?

$8900, which is much lower than most traditional Bible colleges, and students get much more hands-on training for life after FSOD.

What is included in the cost of tuition?

Your tuition covers your coursework, textbooks, housing, meals, retreats, stateside travel, campus life activities, and student accessories. If you choose to go on an optional missions trip or on optional trip(s) to Starbucks, you will have to pay for those on your own.



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