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FSOD is a full-time discipleship school in Fort Myers, FL for high school graduates ages 18-25. Take one to three years to develop a deep relationship with God while studying the Bible and Christian theology. No matter where you ultimately feel called, FSOD will prepare you for your next step. We do this through Aggressive Discipleship, Core Academics, and real-world Ministry Training. Below is some of our apologetics course material.

  • Evidence of God's existence

    • The Bible does not promote blind faith. Instead, a Christian's faith should be based on reason. Popular culture claims that belief in God as an outdated, unnecessary fiction. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is plenty of evidence to argue for God's existence. 

  • Evidence of biblical reliability and authority

    • Can you give an answer to this statement? "Even if the Bible was inspired by God, the message was probably skewed over time and translation. It's not a reliable book." From Jewish scribes, dead sea scrolls and archeological evidence, get ready to learn why the bible is the most accurate historical document in existence. Can we trust it? Yes, we can. 

  • Evidence that faith is reasonable

    • Is faith really just for the uneducated and superstitious? Don't count on it. In fact, it could be argued that it takes more faith to believe that NO God exists. 

  • Evidence that Christ was God

    • If Jesus was not fully God and fully man, the Christian's faith is in vain. Get ready for the compelling evidence that supports whom Christ claims to be.

  • Evidence of religious exclusivity

    • Why can't everyone just believe what they want and be right? At FSOD you will compare religious positions and discover there can only be one truth. 

  • Defenses against the problem of evil and suffering

    • "If God is so loving, why does he allow evil and suffering to exist." The problem of evil is one of the most difficult attacks against the Christian faith to defend. As we study the qualities and characteristics of God it becomes clear why evil is permitted to exist.

  • Faith vs Evidence

    • We have all heard that evidence, reason, and science stands opposed to the Christian position. You may be surprised to find out that there is a large body of evidence that supports Christianity is consistent with science. 

  • Christian Utility

    • Many anti-Christian scholars in the last few decades have maid claims that the problem with the world is Christianity. In this section, we look at what results the Christian faith creates in individual lives and in larger groups of people. 

    • Fun fact: Twenty scientists in China were funded by their government to find out why western culture out developed the east even though cultures in the east were far older. After decades of research, the group unanimously agreed that the influence of Christianity on government and society was the reason for the success of the western world. 

​​​ At the Florida School of Discipleship, we prepare you for life with excellent academics, a deeper relationship with God and real-world ministry experience.



  • Over 700 Graduates

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  • Staff with more than 70 years of combined ministry experience

  • Learn from Ph.D. and Master level scholars


"I chose FSOD to get hands-on ministry training and further education for my future ministry. I got so much more than I expected" 

 - John, 3rd Year Intern
"FSOD changed my life by securing my Identity in Christ. If your graduating high school and looking for discipleship and friendships, this is the place for you."
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